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I'm a journalist with bylines in National Geographic, Science, Smithsonian. Archaeology, Scientific American, Undark, Space News, Newsweek, and Atlas Obscura, among others. I'm also a former news editor for Live Science and You can usually find me in New York or Berlin. My Twitter is sadly neglected but sometimes I post my articles there. I've linked to some of my feature articles here.

My beat is science. I've written about ethical entanglements in the research world, from the political abuse of ancient DNA studies to the repatriation of cultural objects collected for science. I've interviewed astronauts and reported from rocket launches and a zero-gravity flight. I've broken news about archaeological discoveries (OK, I realize that "breaking archaeology news" is a pretty rich concept) including: one of the oldest underwater cemeteries; the kitchen of Thomas Jefferson's enslaved chef, James Hemings; a mass grave of soldiers who fought in the Napoleonic Wars in Austria; and America's oldest condom. If you are building sex robots for birds or have any tips about lost circus train wrecks, please get in touch (megan dot i dot gannon at gmail).